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Northport AL Pool Decks

Pool Decks

Pool decks add beauty to your entire poolside

At Northport Pool Installation, before commencing our work, we will give you a brief closure on everything you need to know about pool decking.
The pool deck is an area just around your pool. It is also called a pool patio. To create a modern, trendy look, pool decks is the place where you can fix a few lounge chair, tables, and furniture that will suit along the deck.

Materials matter

The major concern with pool decks is the use of materials. Materials are the building blocks of a deck’s look. Our experts are well-versed with all the non-slip materials that will be required for styling a well-constructed, inviting pool deck.

A pool deck is a place for perfect family entertainment and fun.

Pool Coping vs Pool Deck

They are different things. Coping is closure in the edges of the pool. It can be made using a stone or concrete block. It is laid usually between the deck and the pool. Pool coping relatively smaller compared to a deck.
Our teams will work on both coping and deck installation. Get started by requesting a free quote.

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At Northport Pool Installation we provide deck building alongside your pool with the touch of sophistication and trend. We guarantee for fulfilling and satisfying work as we have a team of experts who have huge experience in pool installation. Get your free quote by filling the form or give us a call!

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