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When choosing cleaning systems for a pool, it is important to pay attention to devices that allow you to disinfect water using a minimum amount of chemical reagents. These devices include electrolyzers (salt plants). 

Chlorine also acts as a disinfectant in this case. But, unlike an automatic dosing station, chlorine is produced locally, that is, right in the water. This is a very advantageous disinfection system, since ordinary table salt (NaCl) is used as a consumable .

Pool Installation Process

The essence of the method of water disinfection with salt installations is very simple: a small amount of salt is added directly to the pool water. As the water passes through the electrolysis chamber, the salt diluted in the water is converted to sodium hypochlorite, which is the disinfectant.

  1. Mesh filter.
  2. Salt concentration sensor.
  3. Electrolysis chamber.
  4. Bypass flow valve. 

Disinfection of pool water  using salt systems has several advantages :

1. There is no need for chlorine-containing or oxygen-containing reagents, which significantly reduces the cost of operating the pool, and also simplifies the process of taking care of the pond.

2. In the electrolysis cell, due to the influence of the electric field, additional disinfection takes place.

3. Unlike dosing stations, chlorine overdose is impossible on the one hand, since the electrolysis cell produces chlorine gradually, rather than injecting it with pulses. On the other hand, an emergency shutdown of the system will not occur (as in the case of a chemical plant, if the reagent runs out), since the salinity of the water drops gradually.

4. Does not require any additional tanks, the equipment itself is compact and can be easily connected to the system without major re-equipment.

5. The installation is fully automated, which allows you to avoid the hassle of constant purchase of reagents (except for the pH acid-base balance regulator: pH-minus and pH-plus , which is consumed very economically).

6. Installation of electrolysis plants is carried out both during the construction of new pools, and in the already functioning one.

The main feature of the system is that the water in the pool is brackish. 

Best Pool Installation

The main reasons limiting their mass distribution :

1. The effect of metal ions on the human body is still little studied, it is absolutely not a fact that their effect is less harmful than the effect of chemicals (in fact, you are swimming in a weak electrolyte).

2. Systems are usually very expensive, but a business case is needed.

3. Electrodes dissolve quickly, they have to be changed frequently, which is also expensive.

4. Systems do not interface well with additional disinfection systems.

5. Accelerated wear of metal parts in the pool water (ladders, handrails and other stainless steel parts).

The choice of the necessary cleaning method, the selection of quality equipment, its installation, ensuring the required control over the equipment and its maintenance – all this will help to maintain not only the required quality of water in the pool, but also the health of the swimmers. In addition, it will significantly reduce the area of ​​the technical room and the staff of the service personnel, and, accordingly, reduce the operating costs.