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In the construction “dispute”, composite pools also win. Why? Concrete pool construction is a complex multistage process. It includes design, preparation of the base, installation of formwork, reinforcement and concreting of the pit, installation of embedded elements, waterproofing and finishing. The installation time can take up to several months.

With the best composite pools, you fit in 5-10 days. The process here has been reduced to three stages: preparation of the pit, installation of equipment and finished bowl, laying of the curbstone. In this case, the bowl does not need waterproofing, since the composite itself is a waterproofing layer.

Pool Installation Provide

Maintenance of concrete and composite Pool Installation

Pool operation includes the main costs for the following types of maintenance:

  • partial renovation;
  • consumption of chemicals that maintain water balance;
  • electricity consumption;
  • pollution prevention;
  • overhaul of the bowl.

The service cost of concrete and composite pools differs three times in favor of the composite option. Because they do not need partial or major repairs.

The maintenance of a concrete pool requires knowledge and certain qualifications. Therefore, professionally trained specialists are hired for these purposes. Maintenance of composite bowls does not require special knowledge, you only need to know the basics of its operation.

The expense for models made of glass ceramics is two times lower than for concrete ones. This is because microorganisms, fungi do not multiply on the surface of glass ceramics, and plaque does not form. In this case, the costs for chemicals and disinfectants are reduced.

The table clearly shows the difference in the cost of maintaining pools of different types for 10 years.

Other benefits

In addition to low cost, beauty and pleasant sensations, Empire Pools have a number of practical advantages:

  • the durability of the composite and its strength;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • resistance to the action of chemicals;
  • non-slip material;
  • lack of seams and sharp corners in the bowl;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • the possibility of transferring to another site or place;
  • variety of colors and shapes.

Empire Pools has been producing and selling composite pools since 1999. We offer over 34 bowl shapes, ready-made and custom designs, 6 types of closure, allowing you to choose the perfect pool for your home and family.

To answer another question: which composite pool is better, check out the features of the models in our catalog.